Libby Smoot, March 11, 2014

Industry Pros Recognize Trex with High Honors

Awards season is here – and, drumroll please – Trex is on top once again!Trex Company recently received top honors from two of the industry’s most respected reader surveys – Green Builder Media’s 2014 Reader’s Choice Awards and Peninsula Publishing’s 2013 Building Products Brand Survey.At Trex, we’re fond of saying that “green is o [...]

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Libby Smoot, March 07, 2014

Recycle After You Snap, Crackle, Pop

Let’s raise a spoon and toast cereal, the most popular food item sold in grocery stores today. With 2.7 million boxes of cereal sold every year, it’s appropriate that we celebrate this popular food that serves as breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack to millions of Americans every day.March 7, National Cereal Day, reminds us, too, tha [...]

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On March 2, 2012, a category 4 tornado ripped through my hometown of Henryville, Ind., leaving nothing but destruction in its wake. As I rushed to protect my family from this deadly storm, my home began to collapse all around me. Thankfully, my children emerged from the tornado unscathed. I, on the other hand, endured the loss of b [...]

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