Trex Privacy Policy


Trex Company, Inc. (“Trex”) respects your privacy and strives to help you protect the information you share with us. This Privacy Policy describes Trex’s policies and practices regarding its collection and use of your personal information along with sharing information regarding your privacy rights.

How We Use the Information You Share with Us

Trex collects the information you provide to us in order to provide you with additional information regarding our products or to perform services you request. We may also collect your personal information for operational, legal, or compliance purposes. We do not sell your personal information. We may, as necessary for our business purposes, share your personal information for our operational purposes with our vendors or other third parties. Our vendors do not sell your personal information and only utilize it in order to support the services we provide to you.

1. Categories of Personal Information You May Share With Us

There are several different ways you may share personal information with us. You may share information with us directly, such as by signing up for a mailing list or submitting payment information for a product. We also collect certain types of customer information automatically, such as your IP address when you visit our website. Finally, we may get information about you from third party companies, such as an updated mailing address from a shipping vendor. The following list describes the types of personal information we have collected about our customers over the past 12 months:

A. Signing up for our mailing lists or filling a fillable form

When you sign up for our mailing lists, we collect the information you share about yourself including your name, address, email address, and phone number. If you use one of our cost calculators or fillable forms, you may also share contact information with us.

We process this personal information to inform you of Trex products and offerings. Trex may also use this information to help us understand our customer’s needs and to better tailor our online services.

You may manage your Trex email subscriptions by subscribing or unsubscribing at any time.

Trex uses certain analytical tools to track how often people gain access to and read our content. We use this information in the aggregate to understand what content our customers find useful or interesting, so that we can continue to provide information that helps our customers.

Trex may rely on the fulfillment of contract as its lawful basis or business purpose for processing your information under certain laws.

B. Warranty Information

You may also provide us with certain information when registering your Trex products which we use to assist us with the administration of warranties that may be applicable to your purchase.

When you register your products with us that you have purchased from an authorized Trex dealer, we may ask you for your name, address, email address, along with the name and address of the dealer from whom you purchased the products, date of purchase, and identifying information about the products. We use this information to register your product and to provide you with important information such as warranty information.

This information may also be utilized to contact you in the event of a product recall. You may decide not to provide contact information. Trex may not be able to properly inform you of warranty information and recalls without certain information given when registering your Trex products.

Trex may rely on the fulfillment of contract as its lawful basis or business purpose for processing your information under certain laws.

C. Use of the Trex Website

Like most websites, Trex’s website collects certain information automatically about your visit. The information may include internet protocol addresses (IP addresses), the general location where your device is accessing the website, the browser type you use or similar system information, and some other information regarding the history of the pages you may view. We may also use your IP address to help diagnose problems with our server or to administer our website. Depending on where you access our website from, this technical information may or may not be considered Personal Information. We store this information about your visit to our website in an aggregate anonymized way and do not use it to specifically identify you.

Trex has a legitimate interest and business purpose in understanding how customers and potential customers use its website. This information helps Trex with providing relevant content and products.

You can learn more about the cookies Trex uses by reading our Cookie Policy in Section 11 hereof.

D. Your communications with Trex generally

If you correspond with us via email, text message, by telephone or interact with us in person at a trade show, we may retain such communications and information contained in them to respond to your inquiry, to notify you of Trex products or offerings, to keep a record of your communication and other similar reasons.

Trex has a legitimate interest and business purpose in maintaining the personal information of those who communicate voluntarily with Trex.

E. Payment information to Trex

You may also purchase sample products from Trex and utilize a payment card to do so. Trex does not retain this information and instead utilizes a third party payment processing service to process your request.

Trex has a legitimate interest and business purpose in processing payment information.

F. Social Media Interactions

If you interact with us on social media, we may retain such communications and information contained in them as part of our social media presence.

Trex has a legitimate interest and business purpose in understanding how customers and potential customers use its social media. This information helps Trex with providing relevant content and products.

G. Applying for a Job with Trex

If you apply for a job with Trex online, we may request your name, email address, physical address, and telephone number. We may also request employment application information such as your resume. We may also request information that is legally required for the processing of your application.

Trex has a legitimate interest and business purpose in processing applications for employment.

H. Investor Relations

You may subscribe to our investor relations email alert service to learn when new investor information including earnings releases, financial reports, and SEC filings have been made. If you subscribe, we will require your email address. If you would like investor information mailed to you we may ask that you provide your name, street address, email address, and phone number.

Trex has a legitimate interest and a business purpose in processing information related to its investors.

I. Information We Obtain From Third Parties

We may enhance information that we collect from you with other information we obtain from third parties or companies affiliated with Trex. When we associate information we obtain from third parties with you, we treat that acquired information the same as if we collected it ourselves and as described in this Privacy Policy, and will not share it with third parties.

J. Surveys, Sweepstakes, & Promotions

From time to time, you may be able to participate in surveys, contests, sweepstakes and promotions offered by Trex. If you choose to participate in these activities, we may collect personal data such as your name, mailing address, telephone number, email address, date of birth or age, and preferences. We may use this information to communicate with you about our products, services and promotions if you have given us your consent to do so. We utilize additional information you share with us in an aggregate anonymized way in order to learn more about our customer base.

You may decide to participate in promotions that are co-marketed with an unaffiliated business partner. If you participate in this type of promotion, your information may also be shared with the co-branded business partner, who may use it in ways consistent with their own Privacy Policy. Please review all of the information about a promotion before you provide us (or our business partners) with any personal data.


2. Processing Your Information
A. Overview

Trex processes the data you share with us to provide you with the products or services you have requested or purchased from us. We use this information to refine our services and to communicate with you about Trex and Trex products. Often Trex needs to process your personal data to fulfill your order or request for information. Trex may also have a legitimate interest in processing data to better understand the needs, concerns, and interests of its customers so it can operate optimally as a business. Trex may also rely upon your consent, in which case we will keep a record of it and honor your choices regarding the information you share with us.

B. International Transfers

If you are located outside of the United States, Trex may share your personal data outside of the country in which you reside to Trex’s home office based in the United States. When personal data is transferred, we strive to ensure adequate levels of protection for personal data including taking steps such as entering into standard contractual clauses approved by the European Commission.

3. How Your Information is Shared with Third Parties

Trex does not sell your personal information to any third party. However, we do share your personal information with certain vendors and third parties for our business and operational purposes.

Trex has disclosed the following categories of personal information to third parties in the last twelve months:


Categories of InformationThird Parties to Whom This Information Was Disclosed
Your contact information, such as your mailing address, telephone number, or email address for purposes of contacting you or mailing information or products to you.Service Providers Performing Services on Behalf of Trex. Like many businesses, Trex has utilized vendors who maintain our service accounts, provide customer service, provide advertisements and contextual customization of advertisements, marketing services, process or fulfill orders and transactions, process payments, provide marketing or advertising services, and provide analytic, legal or insurance services.
Your email address, mailing address, or telephone number.Other Third Parties Running Co-Branded Sweepstakes With Trex. There are situations where we may share your information with third party partners beyond our service providers. For instance, we may run a co-branded sweepstakes with a partner. We never share your email address with these third parties without your consent.
4. Your Data Privacy Rights

While Trex does not sell your personal information to any third party, you have the right to opt out of the sale of personal information. In addition, you have the right to request information regarding the information Trex may have collected about you through your interactions with Trex. You may also request that we modify, update, change, remove or delete information that you have previously provided.

Certain countries and states’ privacy laws provide certain rights for individual consumers. Under California law, for instance, a California resident has the right to request that the business disclose what personal information it collects, uses, discloses, and sells. Trex has endeavored to do that with this privacy policy.

Under California law, we cannot discriminate against you because you exercise your rights under the California Consumer Privacy Act. It is also important to note that you can enjoy Trex’s website without providing personal data to us.

If you wish to submit a verifiable consumer request to us, or to exercise your California privacy rights with regard to the information you may have shared with us, please contact us via email at or toll free at 866-681-4858. A verifiable consumer request allows you to request that we disclose to you the personal information we have collected about you. You may also request that we delete the personal information we have collected about you. In order to verify your request, you may need to provide us with proof of your identity including for example, providing us with a copy of your driver’s license. Under California law a consumer may also designate an authorized agent to make a request under the California Consumer Privacy Act. If you utilize an authorized agent, we may require you to submit proof that the agent acts on your behalf.

5. Trex’s Legal Bases or Business Purposes for Processing the Personal Information You Share With Us

Under certain laws, we are required to share with you our legal basis or business purpose for processing the personal information you share with us. We have attempted to specifically designate those legal bases or businesses purposes where applicable in this policy. In addition, we may also we process your personal data under the following additional scenario:

  • To comply with our legal and regulatory obligations;
  • For the performance of our contract with you or to take steps at your request before entering into a contract;
  • For our legitimate interests; and
  • Where you have given consent for a specific use.
6. Contacting Us

Trex Company, Inc. is the company responsible for your information under this Privacy Policy. If you have any questions about this Policy, or about Trex’s data privacy practices, please contact us via email at or toll free at 866-681-4858. Trex may also be contacted via mail at 2500 Trex Way, Winchester, Virginia 22601. Please address your mail to “Trex Privacy Program.” You may also contact the Data Protection Authority in your country.

7. Children’s Privacy

We do not knowingly collect any information from children under the age of 16. If we learn that a child under the age of 16 has provided us with personal information, we will delete it in accordance with applicable law. If you are a parent or guardian and believe we have inadvertently collected information from your child in a manner not permitted by law, please contact us via email at or toll free at 866-681-4858.

8. Third Party Links and Add-Ins

This Privacy Policy only addresses the use and disclosure of information collected by Trex through your interaction with our website. Trex’s website may link to, or embed content from, other third party websites such as YouTube. When we link to other websites or embed their content, Trex’s privacy practices no longer apply. You should refer to the privacy policy of that third party for information about their privacy policies and cookie practices.

9. Contacting Us, Who is the Controller of Your Personal Information?

You may reach us via email at or at toll free at 866-681-4858.

Trex may also be reached at the following mailing address:

General Counsel
Trex Company, Inc.
2500 Trex Way
Winchester, VA 22601

10. Updates to this Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy was last updated May 1, 2020. We periodically update this Privacy Policy. We will post any changes on this page when updating this Privacy Policy.

11. Cookie Policy

This Cookie Policy explains how we use tracking methods such as cookies (including pixels, SDKs, JavaScript, device identifiers, etc.).

We, like many businesses, use a variety of methods to track visitors to our website. A cookie is a small string of text that a website stores on a user’s browser. There are several types of cookies including:

o First Party Cookies – those cookies that we place on our own website.

o Third Party Cookies – those cookies that are set by other companies whose functionality may be embedded into our website (i.e., Facebook).

o Session Cookies – temporary cookies that are stored on your device when you visit our site and expire when you close out our website.

o Persistent Cookies – cookies that linger after you close out our website. They can be set to expire in a period of time or can be deleted manually.

You can choose to accept cookies in your browser settings. If you decline to use cookies, it may make your experience on our website more difficult.

When you first come to the Trex website, you can accept or decline to use trackers. By clicking accept you agree to the use of these trackers.

In addition, you can manage your cookie settings in your browser’s settings. If you refuse cookie, you may not be able to use some of the functionality of the Trex website. Most browsers automatically accept cookies but you can adjust these settings.


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