Earlier this month, Trex appeared on an episode of the new DIY Network breakout hit, “Rev Run's Renovation.” In the show, the family chose to use Trex Elevations and Trex Transcend to replace their old, rotting wood outdoor living space and upgrade to a new high-performance Trex deck, to host their family for years to come.

Trex’s New York-area sales representative, Tim Schlosser, was a part of the material selection process and shares his behind-the-scenes look at the show.  Tune in on April 3 at 9:30 p.m. e/p to see the show on HGTV.  Or if you are an Xfinity customer, log-on and watch here.

Q: You (and Trex) are featured on an episode of “Rev. Run’s Renovation.” How did that come about?

Tim: As a sales representative for Trex in the New York area, I’m often consulted when our TrexPros (certified Trex deck builders) work on special projects. In this case, Joseph Simmons - a.k.a., Rev. Run of Run DMC fame - and his family were looking to renovate their outdoor area as a part of the new DIY Network show. Rev. Run and his family live in New Jersey and were working with TrexPro Gus De La Cruz from Barrett Outdoors. Gus called me to ask if I could come out to the house to explain the features and benefits of the various Trex product offerings and then go on-camera to share the details with viewers.

Trex's Tim Schlosser enjoyed his experience on the show

Trex's Tim Schlosser enjoyed his experience on the show "Rev. Run's Renovation."

Q: How did the Rev. Run and his wife, Justine, decide on Trex and what products did they choose?

Tim: Trex was recommended by their architect, but the specifics were definitely up to them. Justine was in charge of the color scheme and, as you can see on the show, really liked her choices. They went with a mix of Trex Transcend decking boards in Tiki Torch and Lava Rock. Concerned by the crumbling of their previous wood deck, they also chose to install Trex Elevations Steel Deck Framing System for added support.

Trex Transcend Tiki Torch, left, and Lava Rock, right, make a spectacular combination.

Trex Transcend Tiki Torch, left, and Lava Rock, right, make a spectacular combination.

Q:  What was the deck building experience like?

Tim: So fun! The show detailed the ups and downs of the process – such as weather issues and code setbacks – but ultimately everything went very smoothly and, as viewers saw, the family even got involved in the build! After everything was completed, the space turned out beautifully and, thanks to the high-performance of the decking and substructure, it will stay beautiful for decades to come.

Q: What did you enjoy most about your on-camera experience?

Tim: The whole TV experience was great. Through the process I really enjoyed learning how the build comes together for a television audience. I had a lot of conversations with the building team that the viewers didn’t end up seeing but, in the end, you really see how Trex helped the family complete a dramatic transformation and create their ideal outdoor living space.

Q: Have you heard anything from Rev. and Justine since the show taped? Are they enjoying their deck?

Tim: While I haven’t spoken to Rev. and his wife personally, I have heard from Gus at Barrett Outdoors that the deck looks just as nice as the day it was installed. I’m sure the family is itching for warm weather – as we all are – so they can enjoy the deck more often. I hear there may be a pool party this summer at the house for everyone involved in the building experience. I can't wait!